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Game Feature - Aggravation

By :Rob Allan 0 comments
Game Feature - Aggravation
We have three versions of Aggravation Board Games, a 4-player version, a 6-player version and a double sided version.  Choose which version suits your family games nights best!

Our feature game this time is the Aggravation Game. We have 3 variations of this game in 2 different styles. The variations are 4-player, 6-player, or our double-sided version that has 4-player on one side and 6-player on the other side on the same board (perfect for unexpected numbers of guests!).

Currently, we have 2 different styles of Aggravation games.  Our original pine board game is stained in dark walnut stain and each colored section is hand-painted.  Our laser-cut version uses 1/4 birch plywood backing with 1/8 birch plywood on top with colored sections for the different colored teams.  

Any of our aggravation versions are fun games for family game night or can be great as a gift for family or friends and can be personalized with an engraving on the back or an initial on the front of the game.  We provide everything you need to play including the game board, marbles, dice, and detailed rules printed on sturdy cardstock.

The game of Aggravation is a simple marble dice game where the object is to get all four of your marbles from your starting base to your home base. To get from your starting spot to the game board, where you can start moving around the board, you need to roll a 1 or a 6. Also, whenever you roll a 6 you get to roll again. Now the aggravating part is that as you are moving around the board you can have other players roll their dice and land on your marble.  If they do you go back to your starting position and have to start all over again!  Nothing hurts more than just being a few spots from your safe home base when someone lands on you, you’re back to square one and hoping to roll a 1 or 6 so you can start around the board again.

There are also shortcuts that you can take by using the fast track or even using the middle space on the board. The video below shows how to play Aggravation including how to use the fast track and the center spot, but I will give you a brief idea of how the shortcuts work.  In the 6-player game, the fast track spots are marked with a colored triangle around them and in the 4-player version, they are the inner corner dots closest to the center circle.  When you end your turn on one of these fast track spots, if you roll a 1 on the dice on your next turn you can go to the center spot.  The only way to get in and out of the center spot is by rolling a 1 so it is dangerous as you can be stuck there for a while if you don't roll a 1 and others can Aggravate you very easily.  So, if you do roll a 1 on your next turn, you go to the fast track spot closest to your home base.  If you are on a fast track spot and do not roll a 1 then you can continue around the fast track, taking a large shortcut around the board.  For example, if you roll a 3 you would move 3 fast track spots around the board which eliminates many extra rolls that you would normally need to get to your home base.  It is much easier to understand if you watch the video here:


There are other marble dice game variations similar to aggravation. When I was young, I had a game called trouble which is the same thing however the dice were in a bubble popper that you pushed down on and it popped the dice up instead of rolling the dice. Trouble also used plastic game pieces instead of marbles. Another name for it is Sorry, and I am guessing the name stems from the fact that if you land on the other team’s spot that you say sorry for knocking them out of their spot - or not, depending on how competitive you are! There are 3 other variations of the game that I know of;  Tock, Wahoo, and Parchisi.  They all have slight differences between them in terms of rules, gameplay, and board game setup, including some using cards in addition to dice and marbles.

Have you played Aggravation or any of its variations?  We would love to hear what game you played on your last family games night.

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