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Our Story

It all started when Rob decided he needed a hobby and built an end table. Rob built it, DeAnna sanded and finished it. It was beautiful but the problem was we didn’t need an end table! So we sold it, suddenly had orders for more and Twisted Grain was born. We moved from BC to Alberta in 2019 and built a large woodshop in our backyard so we could stop playing garage tetris every time we wanted to build something. We eventually added CNCs, 3D printers and a laser and are expanding our business and the products we offer. Our business pivoted in 2020 when a friend asked us to create a baseball dice game and our board game adventure took off. When Twisted Grain began our boys were younger and now that they are teenagers and taking woodworking class in high school they are helping in the shop as well. Our hope is they continue to work with us and enjoy building our family business. We've learned and grown so much and can’t wait to keep going!

Owner/Chief Woodworker

Rob Allan

I started doing woodworking as a hobby in 2016, and it quickly turned into a passion and now a part time small business. If I’m not in the woodshop I’m either umpiring a baseball game or watching my sons playing or officiating sports. For my day job I am a IT Network Analyst and for other hobbies I also am an International Baseball Umpire.

Owner/Quality Control/Lead Finisher

DeAnna Allan

I wanted a new coffee table, and ended up with a part time business! I'm a former paralegal who found out she had an artistic side and am now a woodworker. I love being creative and woodworking gives me that outlet. You’ll find me singing and dancing as I work in the shop.